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Looking for lost old friend

Hello guys.

I just wonder if anyone can help me to reconnect with an old friend.

Well, actually met this German guy from this forum many many...many years ago. Nothing happen between us but he became a really really good friend. Whenever he visited Indonesia, we always tried to make time to meet up for meal or drink.

In the past, we kept in touch by email most of the time. One day, when he visited Indonesia, he told me that he was locked out from that email account. He has a new one, but i haven't got the chance to ask it. We totally lost contact due to i have been living abroad until now.

I remember, he said, he knows one of the member (or moderator) here who lives in Germany too or somewhere in Europe. So i hope you can help me. Or anyone know about him.

Oh yes, about this guy. Well, as usual, i don't normally like asking about personal stuff to any of my friends. So, i only know little about him.

He is a German guy, obviously. But he is quiet fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. Well, based on his stories that he was born in Indonesia (Bandung as i am not mistaken). At that time, when we still in touch, he is based in Berlin. I believe he works for an insurance company. He always visit Indonesia regularly, more like once a year at least. He always visit Bandung whenever he is in Indonesia. Probably now, he is in his 40++ years old. His name is Renee (don't remember the last name)...but he always introduce himself as "Alec" to anyone he doesn't know.

I kinda hope someone know this guy. If any of u know about this guy, do please let me know his contact person, perhaps his mobile number or email address. I just wish to meet this lost old friend and reconnect again.

If any of u have any information, please email me at: [email protected]

Sincerely thankful,



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