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Saber, Saber



  • lightsaberlightsaber ✭✭✭✭✭ Diamond
    exel_badboy menulis: »
    Album ke-3 bukan Live and Loud.

    Album studio, album musikal, soundtrack album, dan lainnya. Beberapa juga menyebutnya rekaman pertunjukan, proyek, maupun re-issue. Bila dipandang dari kategori album studio, ya, memang bukan album studio. Namun rilisan tahun 2016 ini saya anggap sebagai album, sama halnya dengan Stars and Rabbit Live at Societet Militair dan Whitney Houston: Greatest Live Performances adalah sebuah album musik.
  • lightsaberlightsaber ✭✭✭✭✭ Diamond
    Remember when Randy Jackson said "when you can sing, you can sing anything" so often? You can call your favorite folk musician as someone who can sing and sing very well, and your rock hero as a great musician. But I always put a line between a (real) singer, stage entertainer, messenger, artist, and whatnot.

    We can not pretend that the homework is not exist. It is. It is. I listen to the greats since I was a young kid. My mother sings. When I was a little baby, my mother lives alone in a city in East Borneo, where every morning she would lay me down on a matrass in front of a music player at the living room while she was doing the cleaning cooking and everything. Then she would join me, this quiet little baby boy, and start doing karaoke.

    It continues for years and years after. I keep on listening to many musicians and singers. And if I did not do it as well as those greats, then there were practices. I should do that homework. And I thank my mother to this day for the very profound effects.

    For everyone who wants to know what singing music really is, I would suggest them to listen to Jackson 5's Who's Loving You.
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