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pour mon coeur

Dear heart,
I never know what you feel , I always use my head to think and not try to heard your voice
Heart, I believe you want make me feel happy , but my brain always think the contrary.
Could you try to force my brain to hear your voice.
Im writing to you and hope you could do something about it.

With love , me.


  • A whole new journey of my life started this year.
    I choose you the land of God, when im still didnt know , what am I exactly. The glowy sand , and sound of sea breeze . The sparkling sunshine and beautiful local culture , the smell of flowers and aromatheraphy stick. The richness of value and moral, not only attract immigrants , but also me. The freedom of being me as personal , and a place to express how I feel is what I look for. A peaceful mind that can come from spending a day sitting in silence ,or laying on a mile of shore without caring what you wear .
  • Sipping a fresh coconut in the middle of sunny day , or take a dip in clear blue ocean , simply calming my mind from thousand of problem that could be appear in near future. Observing the sea creature live dynamically with their colorful skin , makes me remember how beautiful life is. Suicide is just simply stupid thing that can across in mind to end such a beatiful life. I understand even sea creatures have their own worries in their life , and it depends how they react with their condition , they never see their life so beatiful but the surrondings saw them beatiful.
  • FuumareicchiFuumareicchi ✭✭ Silver
    I always use my head to think and not try to heard your voice Heart,

    itu.. stlh 'to' harusnya pake verb bentuk pertama bukan lampau..

    dan perhatiin titik (.) koma (,) nya yah..

    maaf cerewet yah. cm suka ajah ada yg bikin story pake bahasa inggris. walo aku msh nemu 'bbrp kalimat yg msh salah inggrisnya kyk d atas itu..
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