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Mohon menggangu sebentar saya lagi mencari data buat penelitian dan data itu berkaitan mengenai sejauh mana orang mempelajari bahasa inggris terutama pemahaman grammar. Jadi buat para member yang mau berpartisipasi bisa aja membantu dengan cara mencoba mengkoreksi text bacaan yang ada di bawah ini :

Note: saya sengaja memberikan space satu spasi untuk memberikan para member disini untuk mencoba mengkoreksi kalimat per kalimat jadi ketika dalam membaca kalimat per kalaima merasa dalam kalimat itu ada yang salah bisa di koreksi di bawahnya langsung.



Andrea Hirata is well-known writer a novel with title “Rainbow TROOPS”

In 2010 he has publish a novel with title “ Padang Bulan”.

Although in Rainbow Troops he narrates about his life when he was a child

Padang Bulan is a story about his love to A ling, although his father not blessing

The story about his love story but also about his friend,

Enong and M. Nur Enong is a poor orphan woman who must work

become a tin prospector for her family

She loves English lesson and have determined for study it

Until one day she meets ikal and M.Nur

when she want to study English in English course live in Tanjong Pandan.

However, ikal and M. nur want to supplying a job in Jakarta but ikal think about A Ling

He guess want to marriage with zinar

Finally, he choose work in his uncle’s coffee shop become a waiter.

M. Nur doesn’t go to Jakarta because miss his mother

and want help ikal grabbing A Ling from Zinar by chess match

The story so fool but it have a deep meaning

The story consist of meaning about love, friendship and life

Although ikal doesn’t have bless from his father about his love to A Ling

At least, he can get A Ling and his father love

Strong determined make us become a great people that is why I choose this novel to read

Although, Rainbow Troops is a well-known novel than Padang Bulan

I rather choose Padang Bulan than Rainbow Troops to read because the story is fun for read


“Tanah Surga.. Katanya”

The Movie from direct Herein Novato and production By PT Demigisela Citra Cinema.

Many people Indonesia country on contine go abroad and work in Malaysia.

Some people Indonesia who work or even move and become citizen there.

Genre movie is drama satire director by Dedy Mizwar and Brajamusti.

Satire is means quibble of condition of the people

First story with arrival haris (Ence Bagus) from serawak Malaysia, he is single parent have 2 children

There are salman (osa Aji Santoso) and Salina (Tissa Biani Azzahra)

During time Haris work on serawak and he is rarely back home

Two children with her father is name hasymim (fuad Idris) and her often sick

Hasyim is excrucades dwikora compaign battle oppose Malaysia

Haris invite her father go abroad Malaysia because condition is not bad with health facility and easy search jobs

But hasym refuse because he reason Indonesia is heaven land and rich to

Haris only invite salina

Haris have wife

Malaysia people

The condition on contine very different with Malaysia,

For example electric available, street , and minimum education facility

On contine, the teacher one only she is Astuti (Astuti Nurdin) her teach double classes 3 and 4

And agus ringgo as dr anwar

He is doctor from city

And had assignment on contine Kalimantan with Malaysia.

From the movie we can see actor so well in appear character.

Shortage from the movie, no appear students from class 1,2,5 and 6

Director less exploration of natural beautiful and condition on village,

Also not creative , the plot not climax

Surplus the film from the theme is good and have nationalism soul

The movie also is satire form for central govement



Jokowi is Indonesian drama film in 2013

The film played by Justin Rifnu wikana and Prisia Nasution

The film was released the day, Thursday, June 21, 2013

to greet the birthday of DKI Jakarta Joko widodo 52nd day on Friday, June 21, 2013

in conjunction with the anniversary of Andhara Pradesh that all 486 days on Saturday, June 22, 2013

in the smaal village live carpenter’s son named joko widodo

who lived and live in small houses along the banks

Childhood are from affluent term has passed

But it did not give up the spirit to continue their education in higher education

Her love of rock music which persisted until the time he became a great leader of the future

As if his spirit a able to motivate.

Love story with iriana , a simple girl, school friends become the driving spirit of the younger future

leaders to meet the challenges.

After the death of MR Notomiharjo, parents, teacher and friend Joko such would not drown in sorrow

His attempt to prove all the lessons from his father , the louder he did.

And the time to deliver this child riverbank

A person who is not only great in the eyes of the people around him

But also humble and always humanize each other

From the edge of the river in a small village named srambatan

Joko has been able to appear into the city leaders write new pages of history

I think this film very greet because you can get motivation and inovation from this story

But the plot of the story is confusing

I recomanded you to watching the film


5 CM

The movie in Indonesia done more advanced

The current of movies become a best seller

One of many movie is 5 cm

This movie realist on 2013 by soraya interfilm

The film director of 5 cm is rizal maniorani

Some players in this movie is fedinuril as genta , Herjunot Ali as zafron, ralin shah as riani

Pevita pearce as dinda, igor saykoji as ian and deni sumargo as arinal

The movie tells about friendship,love, dreams

They are friends until 10 years

Many moments they had together until one day, they not communication during 3 month
Because they want their dream

In 14 agustus they meet to carry out mountainering activity

They want uncase Indonesian flag on the mount

The finally they can get their dream and frienship until old

The movie take from real story wich writen in the novel by doni dirgantoro.

In this movie much mismatched with the novel

This film tells a bout mountainering activity but the scene in mount not much

The overal this film very interested with the location in mount.


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