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At The Touch of Love

edited January 2010 in BoyzLove
Chapter 1
At the touch of love...
~ Plato ~

Nathan, Sydney, July 1 2015

I opened my eyes when the sun rays touched my face. I parted my blanket over my body. Getting up, I reached my laptop and walked outside my room. So quiet. I saw a glass of hot tea - I knew from the fume on it - on the table, served with two slices of bread with cheese.

I sipped that tea. Not too sweet, my favorite. Carrying my laptop, I took a slice of the bread and walked to the garden.

I found him there, sitting while his hand dancing on his scratch book. Realizing I was there, he lifted his head and smiled to me.

‘Morning,’ he said, grinning.
‘Mornin', it's odd you wake up this early.’
‘Yeah, I suddenly woke up and got an idea. I made you a glass of tea and bread with cheese on our dining table.’
‘Yup, thanks D,’ showing my bitten bread to him.
I came near him, put half of the bread on his mouth. I kissed his forehead and pulled a chair beside him, then put my laptop and started writing.
‘It’s great. Your comic must almost finish by now.’
‘Yeah, I think so, just couple more scenes.’

I swallowed my last piece of bread and continued writing this story, the last part. Once a while I starred at him, smiled and be grateful for what we'd been through. Every vagaries we should face. Every smile and teardrop that came in turns.
My hand was typing on my keyboard while he, without I realized it, had stood behind me, putting his arms around my neck.

‘Hm.. another poem. Is it about us?’
‘Uh uh…, ‘ I replied while printing the page.
‘You are busy, eh?’ he put tickled my waist. I laughed, amused by his touched, then tried to stand up against him, but it was too late.

He hugged and pulled me into his embrace, carried me inside and suddenly drop me to the couch. I barely moved an inch, when he flipped me over and lied on me. He held my hands which struggled to get loose.

‘You choose your poems over me, he?’ he asked rolling his naughty eyes.
‘Yep’ I said lightly.

Then he kissed me, on my lips. Well, he knew my weakness point. I would never refuse his kiss. When i kissed him back, he pulled his face away from mine.
‘So now, it's me over your poems? ’
‘Definitely you are’.
‘Good’ and he let my hand loose and walked away.
‘Hey, wait… You can not just go, boy!’
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